13 May 2010

Character Auditions

Fair warning disclaimer---if you frequent the planet Earth and happen to cross paths with me, you have just auditioned to become one of my characters. Below is a list of how it works.

**If you catch me staring, you have just become a potential selectee---please do not be offended. You may not be placed right away, but I've stored you in my data files for later use.

**If I follow you please do not be alarmed. I am not stalking you, you are simply an instant winner. Stay tuned for new book releases, let me know when you recognize yourself.

**If you are without class, rude, a bad driver, or otherwise unpleasant you have just become an expendable character. I make examples of these folks, and they are usually the first to die.

**Intelligent potentials are held in very high esteem, especially when one also has a good sense of humor. This wit is tweeked, meticulously paired with the appropriate existing character, altered to fit a scenario, and then becomes dialog. Voila! How cool is that?

**If you're funny, you're probably going in. Personality is everything!

**My villan Dappo, believe it or not, originally came from yours truly. I don't blow stuff up, of course, but I wish I could have his temperment AND get away with it. I mean, we've all met that one person whose neck you'd just like to . . . hmm. How do I explain? Well, he gets to do all those things I've always kinda wished . . . maybe I shouldn't be writing this.

I appologize. my halo slipped. okay, where was i?

**In ENTANGLED, most of my characters were taken from my fellow militarians. if you were on a military base when I got/lived there, guess what! Read the book, let me know if you recognize yourself (including Mandy).

**In honor of our fallen soldiers, two of my static characters in ENTANGLED were actually chosen from the casualty list I frequent so often. Their names have been changed, of course, but at least a small part of these two heros lives on. A third KIA is alive and well in the second (unreleased) book in the series THE DEVIL'S GARDEN, and a fourth KIA hero has been selected and will soon awaken in the third book which I am currently writing. Auditions for this W.I.P. are ongoing.

So there you have it. That's how it's done. I do not personally know the majority of the volunteers in my books (actually, I only know two), but from the bottom of my heart . . . thank you. ox, dc

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