28 April 2010


Okay, okay, I've been properly convinced. I'm starting a blog. I'll begin with the history of ENTANGLED. It all began one dark, stormy night...

I'm teasing. actually, I had a bad dream. I woke up in the middle of the night positive someone had just spoken right into my ear. Scared the bad word out of me! I guess I must have been sleeping pretty hard, because it took a minute for me to realize there was no one in the room. Then, it occured to me that the voice had happened in my head. The very idea of being mentally locked with some strange man was horrifying, even though I knew it had only been a dream. By that evening, bizarre scenarios were building. I settled on the one involving strong, bad-ass commandos, of which I'm terribly fond by the way, and I ran with it. ENTANGLED was actually written about three times from front to back. The first time, the story was reeealy corny. I didn't have a clue how to write other than silly short stories I'd written as a child. I had to learn how to do it. All internet baby! Those websites at 3:am. The second time, I had to start researching my commandos in order to bring them to life. I'm a military wife and lived on an airforce/army base surrounded by them. Voila! oh, and SEAL documentaries, escape evasion books, interviews with special forces, aviators, etc. then---here's the hardest part---I had to learn to think like a man! Wow. That was a challenge. I had to draw a difinitive line between male and female and then crash the two together. Did you know men don't say 'yuck'? I had to learn this. Unfortunately, it wasn't as easy as interviewing a man and asking him 'What are you thinking?' quite the opposite! The amused responses to that question often led to very high eyebrows, wide eyes, and pink cheeks. So, armed with this new knowledge, I cleared my throat and got creative. So I had to get creative. For the record, men and women think very, very differently. The third and final time I wrote the story, I actually had awesome characters, months of research, my own new quirky writing style, and a farfetched goal in mind. So far, so good . . . xo, dc