11 August 2010

You %$#@ Jody!

Questions from the readers:

Levi calls Kiser a Jody. What the devil is a Jody?

A Jody is every military man's worst fear. The name refers to a soldier who sleeps with other men's wives/girlfriends while they are gone on a mission, deployed, or TDY. He's good-looking, muscular, has all his hair, drives an awesome car, and is very well endowed---a feature he doesn't waste.

How can you spot Jody?

Jody is the one standing, er . . . laughing, on the edge of the runway with champagne, Kleenex, and chocolate while a unit deploys to Timbuktu.

Do the absent soldiers know Jody?

If they have friends, co-workers, live on a base, or have ever laid eyes on another soldier, er . . . man, they do.

Does Jody refer only to men?

[Hysterical laughter] Um, no.

So being called a Jody is a bad thing, right?

That depends. Did your unit just deploy without you?

What happens when someone is called a Jody?

The typical reaction is back-slapping, hand-smacking appreciation for being labeled so pleasantly by one's acquaintances. Thanks all around and drinks on the house!

Wait! Is being called Jody an insult or is it a complement?


Where is Jody now?

If you have to ask, you're not him.

So, uh, when exactly do you expect your man to return?

You %$#@ Jody!