03 June 2010

Imagine This!

The title of the book ENTANGLED actually comes from the phenomenon of the same name according to quantum physics. The mechanics of this, of course, would take a scholar to explain. I do not claim to be a scholar by any stretch. In fact, I've spent many looong nights researching the subject only to wake the next morning with my laptop askew, some drool, and absolute lack of comprehension regarding anything to do with quantum physics. I do, however, know a quantum physicist personally and, therefore, feel I am qualified enough not only to write a book on the subject, but also to conduct an experiment---on you.

Take a moment to slip into Mandy and Levi's world. Try to imagine what it would be like for one day to have someone you've never met hearing your every thought---all of them, even the embarrassing ones. Imagine going through that same day being bombarded by the private thoughts of someone else. No lies, no secrets. At this point, you may include frustration.

Scholars believe entanglement such as this would drive you crazy. I find the idea intriguing. It would be noisy at first, but eventually it would be tolerable. During the experiment, please, please do not speak aloud, giggle incessantly, babble, and/or argue alone publicly or you may find yourself the center of unwanted attention.

Warning---schizophrenia can produce delusions that the sufferer is in telepathic communication with others; such delusions include thought broadcasting and thought extraction. This is dangerously close to what we're dealing with here. I urge caution.

Try next to imagine how hard it would be to perform simple tasks such as counting money while the other is dialing a phone number, or read an article while the other is singing in the shower. Imagine blurting someone else's conversation in the middle of your own. How might your life be disrupted? What if you didn't get along? Would you keep this a secret? How do you look in a straight jacket?

What would you do? xo, dc