17 May 2011

the devil's garden (excerpt)

     Chucho made a sudden move, clearly intending to retrieve his weapon, and startled Mandy. She jumped and fired, placing the bullet in the floor two inches from his crotch.
     Chucho grabbed his treasured anatomy and fell back, clapping his knees together with a vile curse.
     "Oh!" gasped Mandy, dropping wide eyes to her smoking gun. "So that’s a hair trigger!" she thought.
     Levi cursed sharply and struggled to regain control of Paco. "Yes, it’s a hair trigger!" he snapped. "There’s no way we’d get out with your aim, Female. Where’d you learn how to shoot?"
     She gave him a quick dirty look. "Guatemala. In the rain," she retorted, then returned her attention to Dappo.
     Several more soldiers ran into the room.
     Mandy jerked the pistol toward them in surprise and it fired again, splitting the doorjamb beside the lead soldier’s head. He skidded to a stop, wide-eyed, jolting as the others bumped into him. Simultaneously, they raised their hands.
     Her mouth rounded into an O. "Oops!"
    "WILL . . . you be careful!" Levi snapped silently, bulging his eyes in irritation. "Take your damn finger off the trigger!"
    "It’s my left hand," she argued, steadying her aim at the soldiers against the wall.
     They cringed.
     Dappo’s eyes moved to the bullet hole in the door and then to his goon sitting with his knees together on the floor. "I must say, Mandy, your aim is impressive."
     Levi’s mouth popped open. "Impress—are you serious?"
     "Tell me what to do, Levi."
     "We’re outnumbered. There’s nothing we can do. They’re gonna kill me and keep you."
     "That’s not acceptable," she said out loud. "I’m telling him."
     Levi frowned. "About the telepathy?"
     "Yes, if that’s what it takes."
     "Oh, no you won’t!"
     "Tell me what?" Dappo asked.
     "Nothing!" they snapped in unison.