14 January 2013

Mastermind, BookThree (The Entangled Series)

YAY!! It’s finally here, and my emotions are so mixed. The road was long. Four major military moves in seven years was tough (AK, AR, TN, WY). Throw in my husband’s numerous deployments, KIA death of an extended family member, passing of several loved ones, and my regular job, which includes teaching dance class and public performances, and you’ll have a glimpse of my journey leading up to the release of this book. The Entangled Series, in so many ways, saved me from going bananas. When life got crazy, when I felt lonely for friends and family, or when I needed somewhere to go to escape from reality, I turned to Mandy and Levi and the boys. Part of me now is sorry to see my creation (my happy place) come of age and part of me swells with indescribable satisfaction to see such a complex project reach completion. I cannot express my appreciation enough to my readers who stood by me, waiting (im)patiently for the conclusion to arrive at last and also to those people who offered kind words of encouragement, support, and assistance. I hope you enjoy your journey through The Entangled Series as much as I enjoyed writing it. If you like the series, tell others about it, visit the site where you purchased the book and leave a five-star review, and share with your friends. The louder you like it, the longer the team stays alive. Say hi to Dappo when you see him and check back here often for new releases. Talk to you soon! ox, DC